“My newest daughter, Jana, was on a ventilator when she first arrived at Riley Hospital after being born nine weeks premature. Her lungs were not developed and she was on monitors constantly. Without the monitors, she would forget to breathe, which would happen between 10 and 16 times a day. Each time she would turn pasty white and her lips turned blue — it was terrifying. Still, we were so grateful to be in such good hands at Riley.  Jana is now much bigger and stronger. I will always tell her how she was our miracle and how Riley wrapped its arms around us for two months when our life as we knew it stopped. I pray you never have to feel the pain, stress, heartache and worry that go hand-in-hand with having a preemie. Jana is not a patient, a number or a statistic. She is our heart, our life, our daughter. ‘Thank you’ does not seem sufficient for all you have given us, but they’re the best words we can think of. Thank you for being part of letting Jana live.”

– Shana Van Landingham
Mother of Patient at Riley’s Children’s Foundation
Brave Beginning’s grant to Riley’s Children’s Hospital allowed the hospital to purchase the state-of-the-art ventilator that kept Jana breathing and saved her life.