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271k Babies Served

200 Hospitals Assisted

Let's start from the beginning

Our mission is to ensure ventilators and essential neonatal equipment are available to newborns in critical need.

The care given to preemies in the first hour after birth is known as the Golden Hour.

This small window of care impacts the long-term health of the preemie’s central nervous system, vision and cardiovascular function. Having the right equipment can mean life or death.

Isabella was born 16 weeks early. Her eyes fused closed and her skin transparent, every human touch caused her blood pressure to drop and lungs to fail. Thankfully her skilled NICU team and the Giraffe Omnibed worked diligently to support her through her first difficult weeks.

The solution is attainable!

We are striving to meet the needs of every hospital and care center with:

  • Critical Airway Carts
  • Infant Resuscitators
  • Incubators & Omnibeds